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Good morning everyone,

I think you are aware of the need to learn, otherwise you would not be on this forum.

You know that you have to be trained, and constantly. Reading is an option. You don’t want to spend tons of money to create your libraries or you want to have your books in a snap, like a movie streaming? :smirk:

Let me introduce you, the streaming of the book, the source of free knowledge, listing all the greatest books:



A similar site is: where you can filter by topics and more

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Yes I used this a lot :slight_smile: but right now, for me, the website is down

Pay for your books and you’ll get more value out of them and appreciate them more! I used to download everything illegally and I saw what that did for me

Yes, when you pay, you have to be more invested! I think that when you are aware of this bias, it is easier to pay attention to it. And reading a book requires time and concentration, I think this bias is limited.

Afterwards, if you have the means, it is better to reward writers and authors for their hard work.:cowboy_hat_face:

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Yes! I also believe that God blesses you more when you don’t steal…many people believe in karma but I believe you reap what you sow…you give $20 you’ll get $2k in return!

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thanks for the share

Totally true, I respect that

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