The Story of Instagrabbers & /r/dankmemes

Hey all, this is not new but I just discovered it and wanted to share. I thought you might find as entertaining as I did :smiley: Now I understand why meme pages have been having issues. P.s. If you don’t know Internet Historian, I warn you now. You might lose a few hours there :smiley:


thanks for the share, pretty entertaining and informative, kinda

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he will not divide us

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Haha. Yea that was a good one, although my favourite was the fyre festival from Internet Historian, he explains that shit show so well.

@BruceSilduk Well you warned , but me no listen ! Just spend close to an hour and half on the channel ! Was hooked on to the Balloon Boy & Kony Video ! BB was a serious one though ! But hey thanks , would never have come across this channel !

Me subscribed ! on their incognito channel as well …

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Too lazy to watch this, but the regular r/memes sub always jokes about a war between IG memes and reddit.

To be honest everything content created is pretty much remix theory. In any social media there is no copyright law fast enough to catch up with technological media movement and common internet courtesy takes place (at least credit the poster).

Hahaha, Gold. Thanks for the share.

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Yea, when I discovered him I ended up watching 70% of the videos in one go. So if procrastination is a problem for you - this is dangerous… But a lot of fun😁

That was hilarious… my night is about to be wasted :grin:

Not sure what you are referring to with the term remix theory, but it reminded me of this awesome documentary I’ve seen called 'Everything is a Remix’ where the dude lays very convincingly out how new ‘things’ are for the most part remixes of existing things, from music to technology and almost all fields in general. They way he shows it all with examples and good narration makes it a very entertaining watch.

It’s actually much better and more interesting than my description of it, so if any one wants to waste an extra 40 minutes or so, here it is, I highly recommend it:

Everything is a Remix:

The website


thats exactly the video i was referring to! it was a great video haha

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Wow! That looks interesting, will check it out :thinking:

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Woah. This is way interesting I’m definitely going to have to come back to this becuase its a wormhole and I cannot lose time like this today lol

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haha, yea it is a bit of a wormhole :smiley:

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This is hilarious lol