The strangest thing that met me on instagram today! 😲

See what I had today, a strange situation when entering the customer into the IG mobile application.
Adds a customer account, it jumped out to me that the password is not valid 2x.
The account was added the third time.
After an hour I wanted to switch to my main account, and there I look and added some 2 accounts, I do not even know how.
I can log in to them normally.
And I have 7 accounts on the IG application.
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Does anyone have any solution?

you really did update the message when i was reading it :frowning:

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I wrote it chaotically, so I corrected it :slight_smile: Forgive me

I just re-readed this wow :open_mouth: can not explain
Mark added you some of his magic power or something

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Brother maybe it is due to a glitch in your app?
Recently IG updates might be the main issue in your case here.
Seems very odd, since the max accounts allowed on the app has been 5 or is still 5 if not changed.
Have you tried uninstalling and installed the app again, that’ll be a fix?
The 2 extra accounts added, are those your or totally strange accounts added from out of the blue?

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Or I’m “HACKER”: D

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I just do not want to do it, because recently my woman logged out on her phone, from her account and then she wanted to add it again and so far has information:
Error with your application.
And you can not add any account on her phone.
Only through the web browser on the phone :frowning:
So I prefer to no risk it.
I have 7 accounts on which I can log in normally (two are not known to me).
This situation is strange: D

I tried to add one more account but I can not.
Now I look and see that these accounts have my client’s phone number, what I added to the IG application.
But I do not know if these are his accounts to look at women: D
But it is not possible to have 7 accounts.
Maybe I added them with these login errors.
But how can I have 7 accounts?

Basically this seems to be what I initially was suspecting.

I believe this must be some sort of software glitch.

Ok, I have a solution.
These are related accounts.
Therefore, you can have 7: D This voyeur one: D
I’m deleting the topic

No need, we’ll let it stay, someone might find it useful. I’ll just close it for new replies :slight_smile:

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