The Swiss Army Knife of Task Automation


No idea. You can try though


amazing share thank you…now if can get TT to make me breakfast i am made


It’s called Automator. It ships with your macOS. Just press record, and booya.


Thank you very much for this share. I was looking for a solution like this. :pray: It definately spares me some time. Now time to give it a try



Was not flagged by my antivirus or antimalware services. Looks likes it displays some characteristics of malware, but overall very few reports and nothing clear. I personally would chock it up to a false positive, but that’s for each person to decide. Thanks for contribution though and good looking out.


Also, almost every macro recorder is going to get some flags since they record keystrokes and mouse movements (kind of the point).


Lol, reminds me of runescape times! :smile:


Relax with the answers :slight_smile: Do not nażj so exp as in Tibia: D You will reach the second level with time, but do not do spam please :slight_smile:


Who is spamming?