The TOP 🏆 (28) CPA Networks of the moment!


If you are looking for reliable CPA networks, it is an up to date list of the best CPA networks on the market. Choose your preferred network and start working!

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Mobile Campaigns:



:sunglasses: No need to have a website!

Create An Insanely Profitable Business In Just A Few Clicks.
Welcome to the network that builds itself while you sleep.

More commissions than any other network. Double your conversion rate and triple your EPC with our landing pages.

Our advanced tracking platform will never miss a commission on your traffic. Generate advanced reports for browser, operating system, sources, and more.

Earn a 5% bonus on all traffic brought in by referral users. Create a referral team and work together towards success.

Simple but powerful template software gives you ready-to-go templates for deployment. Use a pre-made template or build your own!


Mobile Campaigns:



Pre-Hosted Landing’s
Easy to use Pre-Made landing pages with MGCash Locker inside. This will help you start making money right away, without any hosting costs nor your efforts on building new Landing Pages and setting it all up by yourself! You cannot find this technology anywhere else!

File/Link Locker
Our file gateway allows you to monetize download links (or other links), and password-protected files or content.

Url Shrinker
The #1 Link Shortening Tool for Affiliates & Marketers. Monetize every single link you share. You can now monetize traffic coming from your website, blogs, social profiles, app, printed flyer, emails, sms and more.


Mobile Campaigns:



Direct Offers, Highest Payout Guaranteed.


Mobile Campaigns:



Content Lockers
Nothing is faster than content lockers we have a built in locking tool that earns your money for your exclusive content, don’t give away your valuable information you worked hard to create! Lock it and earn! Feel the shine.

Behold the power of Offerwall if you run a rewards site or a gpt/ get paid to site this is the tool for you, add a simple line of code to your site and start banking in minutes.



Adludum is a unique content locking CPA network with a complete in-house platform of its own.


Mobile Campaigns:



Mobile Monetization
Increase your Android and iOS app revenue with CPI mobile app installs and our PPC advertising solutions. While our network is known for our mobile CPI & PPC pop under ads, banner ads, and interstitial ads, we also offer robust offerwall and content locking solutions as well.

Media Buyers
We have thousands of PPV/PPC optimized and exclusive CPA offers at unmatched payouts for our media buying publishers. We’re able to secure the highest payouts in the lead generation industry by using our combined traffic volume as leverage. We also have 100’s of direct and exclusive affiliate products.



Promote our exclusive offers in europe, asia, latam!



Innovative technology.
Better performance.
Bigger profits.

The One Networks


Tools that multiplies your earnings by 3x times.

File Hosting
Upload files & get bucks each time when someone downloads your file.

Conditioned Payout Schedule
Supports Pay Pal, Pay Tm, Cheque
Minimum Payout S20
Unlock Premium Features
Request Early Payment



We make payments on net30, net15 and weekly basis, depending on offer
Except sheduled payouts, we offer early payments for our trusted affiliates
Affiliate can get paid via check, paypal, bank wire, ach and webmoney



Tired of little checks?
Webmasters can make money using Cpagrip’s Ad Technology.
Our Performance Network & Monetization Tools are the Industry Leading choice for Content Publishers, Website Owners, & App Developers!

Click Dealer

Mobile Campaigns:



We guarantee your overall online presence
Working with all possible monetization models and traffic types we guarantee 360 exposure of your product. With clickdealer be sure to receive traffic volume you need. Global audience and maximum profitability at a mouseclick!

AdsCend Media


Adscend Media’s monetization solutions reward your users — boosting engagement, increasing retention, and helping you generate up to 10x higher eCPMs.

Offer Wall
Let users choose how to be rewarded and earn up to $90 eCPMs.

Market Research
With up to 15 new, highly targeted surveys available every day, our market research solution is an excellent way to boost earnings and user retention.

Rewarded Video
App trailers will engage users at key moments, you’ll earn up to $5 per app download.


Mobile Campaigns:



Marter technology.
Stronger advertising.
Combining data-driven technology with personalized service to forward your business goals.


Mobile Campaigns:



Offers: Global Reach, Monetize Any Country
Top Payouts From Our Direct Advertiser Relationships + International Campaigns Spanning Over 100 Countries

Tracking: Powerful Dashboard
Take advantage of our powerful analytics to track your earnings.
View Earnings Per Click (EPC), Click-Through Rate (CTR), Conversion Rate (CR)

Payout: Guaranteed on-time payments
Payments are sent via Bitcoin,PayPal, Wire Transfer, Check. We PAY Net-30 .With quality traffic, you will be moved to bi-weekly or weekly payments. Our Bi-weekly threshold is $500+ per week, and our weekly threshold is $1,000+ per week.

Support: Expect the highest level of support
24 Hour Support - 7 Days a Week!

Aff Crunch


Exclusive offers at the highest possible CPA.
Hot and high-paying verticals such as financials, lotto and nutraceuticals. Each offer is tested and further optimized by our creative team to maximize its conversion rate. Weekly payments are available for higher volumes. Dedicated affiliate manager is at your disposal for discussing your strategy.

Campaign Scaling
We let our affiliates know what is working to give them the best for their traffic. We can give you insight on how to scale your new or current campaigns. Get real-time statistics and optimize with the help of our skilled affiliate managers.


Mobile Campaigns:



Tested Offers
Quit crawling the internet for profitable offers. We’ve already done the testing and tweaking to bring you quality offers, no matter your market.

User Friendly Analytics Tools
Get the most out of your traffic with our easy to use, real-time tracking tools. Consider these tools your keys to profitable decisions.

Flexible Deal Structures
Choose the payment plan right for you. Pick between CPA, CPL, Rev-Share or Hybrids. Mix your methods to support the financial freedom you’re searching for.

Real-time Analytics and Tracking Software
Our real-time tracking software provides the data you need to make profitable on all of your campaigns.


Mobile Campaigns:



Making money has never been easier.
It’s time to say “goodbye” to all complex processes.
One smartlink that perfectly converts all your dating traffic!

You receive one link that converts all the dating and leisure traffic within the best offers most effectively! The entire traffic! It means desktop, tablet, and mobile! Each user receives a better offer on his or her location, language, and already adapted to the device.

We analyze a huge amount of data and support all elements up to date. You can be absolutely sure that you will receive the best proposal in the industry!

Weekly Payouts

White Mobi

Mobile Campaigns:



Convert your mobile traffic easily with our innovative monetization tools

Content Locker
Earn on your premium content with the help of our customizable content locker. Before your users will have access to the content or any valuable option, they only need to complete a simple action. Our technology automatically displays the most relevant campaign by detecting the device and location of the user and raising the most revenue per visitor. Now it is simple to earn on traffic from any country or platform. Make money from each user who unlocks access to your content.

Achieve the best results using only one link to all offers. There is no need to separate traffic on each particular Offer, simply promote them all using a single SmartLink. We convert your visitors to the highest rates. Just send your traffic to one global redirect link, and our Smartlink system will select the most suitable and expensive offer. Get the maximum benefit by applying a minimum of effort!

App Wall
Meet the best tool for converting your nonincent traffic. Intelligent mobile AppWall that displays Apps. Our technology will choose the right offer to the user increasing the probability of installation. You can easily create it in just a couple of minutes and start the generating revenue immediately! AppWall targets the device and country of your visitors to provide you with the maximum possible earnings per user.


Mobile Campaigns:



Worldwide Coverage
Find the offer you need in the geo you are looking for.

Real time stats
Get direct access to our leading platform to check the stats of your campaign in real time.

Exclusive Offers with Top Payouts
We’ve done our job: we negotiated with the best advertisers to offer you the best campaigns with the highest payouts of the market.

CPA, CPI and CPL models
Get to your audience with the best offers from the top advertisers in the market. You have different models to choose according to your necessities.

By Offers

Mobile Campaigns:



Monetize your education traffic with byoffers affiliate program

Get paid $25 CPA for each new customer

Receive 55% Revenue Share from each new order

Excellent ctr
Conversion rates 7-10%

Guaranteed timely payment
Paypal, payoneer, wire


Mobile Campaigns:



Mobile & Geo Smart Links
Our Media Buy team updates links daily to ensure that all traffic is sent to an offer that is geo-relevant & has the potential to convert.

High Payouts
We always provide the highest possible payout no matter the offer; whether that’s a bigger Revshare % for you, PPS sale commission, or pay per lead amount.

High-CTR Ad Tools
Every creative, banner & lander we develop is thoroughly tested across a network of millions. If it doesn’t perform & the CTR isn’t high—it doesn’t get released!

Time One

Mobile Campaigns:



TimeOne – Performance gives you the ability to retarget Internet users that have not yet converted. Thanks to our retargeting module, benefit from our exclusive technology that will improve your performance and income.

White Label
Wanting to perform a qualitative and customised integration to shorten the Internet user’s conversion tunnel and maintain the traffic on your site? Our White Label tool allows you to integrate content (registration form, search engine, etc.) into your site, in your own corporate colours and style and for which you will be remunerated.

Wanting to monetise your new members or offer your existing members a selection of offers? Coregistration allows you to integrate an announcement prompting your Internet users to receive an advertiser’s offers, at the end of a form or within a logged-in area.

IP Targeting
Does your site have international traffic? TimeOne – Performance offers you an innovative solution. Our IP Targeting technology allows us to trace the origins of your Internet users and consequently to offer them a relevant product or service.

Offer your visitors a quick, comprehensive, customisable and constantly updated airfare price comparison site. The installation of our proprietary search engine is simple and only takes a few minutes (even without technical knowledge). Our flight comparison site is 100% transparent, which means that your visitor NEVER leaves your website (except to visit the advertiser’s page).


Mobile Campaigns:



Custom Tracking Platform
Guaranteed Top Payouts
Accelerated Payment Options
Rewards Program & Contests
Free Training & Tools

Cash In Pills

Mobile Campaigns:



50 local payment methods
Customers prefer payment methods that they’re familiar with. We put a lot of effort in this, adapting our billing strategies in every local market we operate in.

Contests for affiliates
When promoting our offers, in addition to making a lot of money, you will get chances to win very cool gear and rewards in our contests.

Easy geo targeted banners
Geo targeting is used to enable surfers to see our ads in their own languages and be directed to the local versions of our offers. This means increased conversion and more sales for you. Oh, and did we mention it is very easy to implement?

200 countries
Conquer the world. Make money worldwide. With us, your opportunities are limitless.

30 languages
Conversions sky rocket when surfers are comfortable. We treat our customers with respect, speaking with them in their favorite language.

Max Bounty

Mobile Campaigns:



Our rates are the highest

That’s why we call ourselves maxbounty.

If you’re searching for campaigns with the best rates in the performance marketing industry, search no further. We sift through all offers that come our way, so only the best make it on the network. No matter your traffic type, we have the right mix of great high paying and high converting offers to maximize your affiliate earnings.

Maxbounty is the one true affiliate network built specifically with affiliates in mind. Over a decade of improvements have led to robust tracking, rapid payments and cost savings passed on to our affiliates in the form of higher rates and frequent promotions. Your success is our success.

We work in all verticals
The diversity of campaigns available to affiliates on MaxBounty is one of our strengths. Whether your preferred model is CPA, CPL, Mobile, or Pay Per Call, we have over 1,500 campaigns for you to choose from in wide ranging verticals such as market research, diet, dating, finance, real estate, social games, and more.

If it’s a hot sought-after campaign, we’ll have it, with options for both domestic and foreign traffic.

$1,000 new affiliate bonus
Maxbounty is the only network to offer new affiliates a $1,000 performance-based bonus. Simply earn a minimum of $1,000 per month in your first three months on our network, and you’ll receive this bonus automatically on your fourth.
We are committed to seeing you succeed and will assist you in any way we can to help you claim your new affiliate bonus.

Weekly payments
Ramping up traffic is expensive, and cash-flow is important to affiliates. Maxbounty pays weekly, like clockwork, to facilitate your traffic buys. In fact, we were the first network to offer weekly payment by default to all affiliates.
Get paid on time, every time, via check, paypal, intercash, echeck, ach, wire, or bitcoin.


Mobile Campaigns:



Easy Payments by Check
PayPal / ACH Direct Deposit / Western Union / Payza / Wire / Payoneer
Check Your Stats On-the-Go with AdWork Media’s stats apps for iOS and Android devices!

Content Locking At Its Best
AdWork Media’s Content Locking technology is a proven solution for monetizing nearly all types of web content & traffic. Content Lockers can easily outperform profits from PPC and display advertising models!

Product Locker℠ - Innovative Checkout
AdWork Media’s Product Locker℠ can sell your music, books, downloads, guides, and other premium content without costing the user a dime!

Our Product Locker is a hosted service that automatically sells your products and digital goods in return for users participating in offers from our sponsors. Receive email updates for each order and full customer details. You can also customize the theme and over 50 settings for the Product Locker so it’s perfectly tailored to your content.

Virtual Currency Platform
With AdWork Media’s Virtual Currency platform, you can enable users to upgrade accounts, purchase content & services, access premium areas, unlock rewards, and similar actions with little, if any, cost to the user. Earn $0.20 to over $20.00 for each valid completion by your users. Our Virtual Currency platform can also extend to our Offer Wall, Content Locker, and other tools.

Offer Wall Platform
AdWork Media’s Offer Wall platform allows you to sell digital goods or enable your users to unlock rewards, upgrades, premium content, & more on your site, game, or app! Fully monetize your content by allowing users to earn upgrades and unlock premium content by interacting with our Offer Wall. Earn anywhere from $0.20 to over $20.00 per valid completion by your users. Our Offer Wall tools have been thoroughly tested to maximize the user experience! Integration is fast & easy!

How to get accepted into CPA Networks easily and fast

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I recently got approved for non-incent and tried to test if the traffic is direct to offer or not. But for some reason, i went back and forth with the AM over there and he said the proxy will not land on that offer page.

I tested it with peerfly and maxbounty, both of them don’t play around with the “global redirect”, it goes straight to the offer page on a proxy. adworkmedia seems to play around with it too much. And also awm first hit dns takes way too long to resolve for some reason, didn’t happen to peerfly nor mb links.

Even if some of the payout seems higher, i just don’t feel like they’re legit. (Of course they’re, just their way of playing with the redirects and slow dns resolution puts me off.)


I think @AdWorkMedia already mentioned that somewhere on the forum, let’s wait and see will they respond.
Note: They were always fair with me, never had any issues with payouts and conversions and you just can’t ignore all those reviews on affpaying :slight_smile:


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Hi everyone, and thanks for sharing this. I’ve been already using cpabuild and i can say that this platform is well designed and very easy to use. I fortunately started to gain leads and its going very well.


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