The Video version of Canva


As someone that doesn’t know how to use Photoshop, Canva has been great.

I was wondering if anyone here knows of something like Canva, but for creating and editing videos for social media?


Do you have a mac or windows?


I’m using a mac


iMovie is free and really easy to use mate


Try this: :smiley:


Lumafusion on iOS

Easiest video editing there is, and you can do professional level edits and everything right from your device


That looks really good from my initial browse!
Certainly along the lines of what I’m looking for. Thanks!! :grinning:

I’m on android, but I’ll keep that in mind when the day comes haha


As a Adobe user I would have to say just get Photoshop & Lightroom package for $9.99/mo
It does everything these days and the latest content aware features save so much time.
Liquify tool is also unbelievably good now.

(I don’t work for them) :slight_smile:


You should try Animoto. This is what I mostly have been using to create my fb ads.


i recommend Adobe Photoshop 4 + Lightroom as well


Thanks! This looks easy to use. Definitely my kind of video content editing tool haha