(Thead closed-All given away !)100 pv Twitter accounts Given Free to new members 10 each member!

Giving away Free 100 twitter pv accounts to 10 members registered on mpsocial from 1-1-2017 and after.

-those accounts are pv but not mail verified , but they work fine only with the pv

-Accounts are given away so new members can play with the massplanner’s settings and scale fast the accounts to see how much they can last

-That way new members won’t burn their $ purchasing accounts in the future and will take some lessons , so when they use new buyed or new made one’s they cannot lose them so easy

-10 accounts/member , i will see date of registration before giving them away (And no , one member will not take more than 10 !)

So shout a reply to the post “give me 10” , i will dm you asking your mail to send the accounts and in 48 hours Max you have them !

Note : 10 replys = 10 accounts/reply new member person , 11 person won’t get accounts

Note2 : after my reply "approved , don’t forget to dm me your email to deliver the accounts , i’will deliver to the 10 first who send after my approval their email !

Sooo …lets Gogogogogo !!!

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hiiii, i’m present! :smiley:

gimme 10

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give me 10.
sure why not,i can pva them.

Dm me mail to deliver in 48 hours Max - approved !

Approved , they are already Pva !Not mail ver , working fine ! dm mail to send max 48 hours !

Sorry you won’t get ! Its for new members only registered 1-1-2017 and up ! as i see for you : Joined Nov 14, '16

Thanks a lot man!
I’d love to receive this.

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Approved ! after email receiving through dm you get accounts 48 hours Max !

Give me 10

Thanks for this, I needed accounts for testing!

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Just a question: why are you giving away free PV accounts :grinning:

Hey, I’d love to get these, thanks so much!

give me 10! Pretty please :slight_smile:

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Give me 10 please :slight_smile:

I will ad only the best quality accounts i have to my mp.I don’t want to ad any accounts that have any limitations(as non mail , not enough aged ect) , because massplanner cannot handle infinite accounts.So i decided leaving other new members to use them most for educational purposes.

Approved , will send to your mail !

Approved , will sent to mail !

Approved - will be sent to mail soon !

I’d love some accounts :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.
Good earnings!

Approved ! Will get them to mail !

Approved ! Will be sent to mail !