Theory: Feed Refresh Error

On the Instagram app, I’ve been manually liking the posts of people who engage on competitors’ posts. I notice that I’ve been able to like a lot of posts in a short period of time. However, today I was only able to do like 40 before I started to get a refresh feed error when looking at potential new followers’ feeds. I think instead of giving me a like block, this error is used to prevent spammy behavior. Anyone have a similar experience?

Yes, many people. There are a few topics discussing the error and similar things, although not sure if they’re in LVL1. Ultimately, the problem is just that in my personal experience - rate limitations for doing do many things.

It’s just the way of the platform now, crippling user experiences to the point of no return.

I wonder if multiple sessions allow for continued actions for a period of time before they limit the account everywhere.

Assuming that’s the case but it looks like there’s a session log in for web and an app login, and both have different limitations that don’t always interfere with one another :thinking:

The like action isn’t limited for me on either the app or on phone. But yeah, I think feed will not refresh is a roundabout way of blocking you from liking in the way that matters— growth. We all know IG wants to block any growth that doesn’t occur from ads

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