There are no users to unfollow at the moment

Hi. Need help solving this weird little thing.
JV has been f/uf on Twitter, and never gave me any problems. Recently however, it stopped unfollowing, with the “There are no users to unfollow at the moment”, when I know very well that there are hundreds of users to unfollow. Did a few drastic changes in settings to test, but still nothing. Any ideas? Modified settings to test as bellow.

Try to change the Unfollow items after a minimum of x-y to 0.05 - 3 days. 100 days is is a long time, JV might choose 90 days, and that’s why it gives you no users to unfollow message.

@schatz Yes. This are my “desperate settings” to make sure it would find someone. My normal settings are between 3.5 and 5.5 days.