There are so many proxy providers out there. Which is your favourite one?

There are so many proxy providers out there. Even on this platform, there are many great proxy providers. Which proxy provider are you using, which type of proxies are you using and why? Do you think the price you are paying is worth paying?

If you want to mention them be my guest and go ahead but if you mention them tell their pros and cons.


Good point :thinking:

Regarding Pricing: I calculate with 10x Slave (Child) accounts per 4G Proxy. That’s 3-5USD per account, on a 30-50USD 4G Proxy. That’s for sure worth the advantages of a high quality 4G Proxy.

Here a guide I found a while back on picking the right 4G Proxy provider:

4G Guide

A lot of suppliers will try (and succeed) to sell their data center proxies as residential proxies, or even as 4G, some of them are just retailers charging you an extra for no reason and some of them cross sell your proxy to other people, lowering its trust score.

The only way to make private 4G proxies is with a physical SIM card – this is why they are called 4G, there is another way to make 4G proxies and that is to use someone else’s smartphone internet connection, usually without them being aware of that (unfortunately, Apple and Google allow these apps in their app stores, just like they allow apps to track you 24/7 in real time and allow Facebook to read your SMS messages), but then you get a proxy which is shared with the real user of the smartphone and not a private proxy.

There is no way of making private 4G proxies without SIM cards and some sort of computing and networking devices (modems, smartphones, PCs, etc).

If you are running a legitimate proxy business and a customer asks to see the hardware that you are using, why wouldn’t you agree ?

The first reason is that you are reselling the proxies and adding a markup on the price, the second reason is that you are not actually providing your customers with the proxy type they paid for (if you don’t have the relevant hardware , how can you sell 4G proxies?) and lastly you are running a botnet and you don’t have actual hardware.

In any case, if a provider refuses to show you his hardware, something is wrong, and he is definitely cheating you in some way or another.

If you have nothing to hide, showing your hardware shouldn’t be an issue.

There are plenty of public databases on the internet that can help you get insight on the IP you are getting when you are connected to the proxy server.

Simply go to and get your public IP address, then copy it and do some research on it.

First, check who is the ISP, some ISPs are exclusive to mobile or home connections, if you are paying for a 4G proxy and the displayed ISP is only selling home connections, you are getting ripped off.

The second thing you can check is if your public IP is changing or is static, mobile proxies should automatically change IPs every few hours/days, and if they don’t then your proxy is a home connection and not a mobile one. If your supplier can offer you a rotating proxy, it is most likely indeed a 4G proxy.

Lastly, you can run your proxy in a “quality test” website which basically checks to see if it has or if it is known for some kind of spam history, 4G proxies should have really good quality scores.

A good place to do that is

4G and residential proxies are what’s called “backconnect proxies”, since these proxies rotate and change their IPs every once in a while (if they are really 4G/residential), it is impossible to connect directly to their public IP since you will have to change your login credentials every time.

To avoid this they back connect through a different static IP and then forward the traffic to the dynamic proxy, making it possible to connect to a static IP that doesn’t require any login change even if the public IP changes.

To test this take a look at the login details you got from your provider (ip:port), if the IP in the login details matches your public IP, you proxy is 100% not a 4G proxy and 99% not a residential proxy.

Do not buy proxies from shady unknown suppliers as they are likely to scam you.

When picking a supplier always check for reviews from well known figures in the automation and growth hacking community or a good reputation in public forums, like here.

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Thank you for sharing your proxies. Expecting other members to respond as well.

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@mrspuf is who I use. I have drops here and there, but it works with my setup.

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How is the pricing. Do you feel it is worth paying for 4G proxies?

Contact him. It’s a little expensive, but it’s worth every penny.

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I will definitely reach out. Let’s wait for others to respond.

Quality is everything, otherwise it’s usually with IG :thinking:

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Absolutely quality matters but I am sure you can get affordable prices with good quality. I know there will be providers out there who are doing it on large scale so they can trim down the costs easily. You are always amazing to suggest great things Boris, big thumbs up.

Dont bother about proxies if you are only running a few accounts. Use your home network. If you want to use for a large amount of accounts but those accounts dont intend to like posts, then use good IPV6 Dc proxies. Proxy6 or zproxies work like a charm.

Use real residential proxies from Luminati or Oxylabs if you want o scale up client management. They are the best in the business and their proxies are not detectable. However, they are expensive. Upto 15$ per GB. So you might end up spending as much as 75$ per client per month. There are indeed some good 4g proxy providers here, but they might not be from your country and that will be an issue. And some of the proxies are detectable. So even one someone claims that be a raw 4g proxy, the quality of the proxy just doesnt depend on it being a 4g proxy but a lot of other things.


Thank you for the lovely suggestions, no I am not going into client management. I don’t think I am competent enough for that. I am simply looking to scale up things for my own account.

How many accounts do you recommend per proxy?

Dc - 1 per IP - For follow/unfollow - Make sure not more than 3 IPs from the same subnet
DC - 3 per IP - For Dms alone

Residential and 4g - 5 per Ip, 3-4 is recommended. Not more than 5 certainly at a time. If you can batch them into slots of specific time intervals, then this can be raised but again not recommended

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4G+ Proxies are location independent and IG servers do not care about 4G locations, that’s one of the many reasons they are so valuable :thinking::+1: and perfect for clients in other countries.

Thank you.

Do you have any credible source confirming this?

Experience is Everything in this game :point_up:
If I fly to Hawaii this Summer (I wish) and want to check my IG profile on my favorite Samsung Galaxy phone and also post a pic of my first :airplane: class dinner and the selfie I took with the flight :mermaid:t3: attendant and then upload it through the in-flight wifi and then follow that before mentioned flight :princess:t3: attendant on IG and her 7 younger sisters and then login into the local 4G network in Honolulu to post all the IG stories from the Mile High Club :wink:
… what do IG servers see?

  • User Agent
  • Phone Type
  • Cookies
  • Location
  • IP
    So let’s try to change just one of those factors, the IP.

4G Proxy location will not matter :+1:


Great explanation. I am still thinking about Hawaii by the way.

Can you tell me the difference between IPV4 vs IPV6 which one to use when and why?

There’s lots of gooooood information here :+1:

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Never thought about it this way but what you are saying seems to be perfectly on point!

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