There was a problem logging you into Instagram. Please try again soon. - has anyone experienced this?

Hey! Has anyone experienced this error “There was a problem logging you into Instagram. Please try again soon.” ?

I will explain a bit more: I set up some accounts to scrape via “follow” tool. Then after 15-30 mins or so they get email or phone verification. I try to manually verify them via embeed but im not able to log into an account itself. Does it mean that an account got banned or what? Please, let me know!

blacklisted IP most likely, try to login to the same account after 24 hours from another IP/proxy and see how it goes

I will reply to your DM and I will try to help you as much as I can

You need to optimize your API calls limits and your Delay options. Scrapers are dying yes, but with good proxies and with good optimization with your API calls and Delay limits your scrapers could live longer. There is no exact recipe for those settings, it depends on many different things. The thing is, you need to find optimal limits for each scraper and that is why you can start with some really strict limits and then try loosening them up slowly.

Try resetting the device id of the account from Advanced settings, then re-login on the embedded browser. If it doesn’t work, you should change the IP you use by using a proxy.

What’s your proxy response time in jarvee? Not sure if your case, but I have some proxies that are slow (3000+ millisecs) and get that alot. Simply spamming the login button usually works

In a general sense, log in issues are IGs internal bug and most suggest reinstalling the app as a workaround. However, if you've already received prompts for email or phone verification, chances are, they might have blocked you.

Just curious, what kind of proxies are you using for your accounts? And have you paired them with real phone numbers as well to be safe on the verification side?

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