Things that can get you follow blocks 🔥

I just figured out some of the reason why you can have follow blocks

PS: some things can be untrue it’s just based on what i learned and on some tests so that don’t mean everything is true

That’s why don’t forget to add your idea too of more things that you think it can cause follow blocks because i am still having it a lot + pv everyday even if i verify with a good provider

-bad proxy (flagged,can be already used by someone else…)

-bot (can have some issues or bugs that can make you some action block even if everything is fine
always check if you have the latest version , contact support , and be in touch with the community that use the bot so you can figure out if the problem is common)

-setting (agressive settings that can cause you problems especially if you are just in the warmup process)

-account quality

-account provider

-bad pva provider

-pva from another country

-non verified email

-bio with spam word

-follow fake accounts

-low trust score because of very bad warmup

-Clearing cookies isn’t good for the account and lowers the trustscore. You want to avoid clearing cookies if possible. Waiting should get rid of it, if you weren’t going aggressive it should be gone anywhere between 6-24 hours

-md5 image

-following or dm same user

-low follow back ratio

-repetitive robotic action 0 human look alike : following same number no range no sleep mode, no long pause between action…

-unfollow takes time instead of unfollowing right after the follow actions

-dm are the same on many account

-account are running an action on the same ip at the same time

-ip is flagged with a lot of follow blocks and pv

-dm are spammed hell of them they are sent a lot in short period

-you send same dm in a lot of account a lot of time

-you are reported by people

-link is the same in all the accounts so you leave footprints and you can low your trust score pretty much

-you didn’t pause the account for enough time

-you directly put new proxy and start working with it instead of pausing the account waiting and then start working with the new good proxy

-you continued to work with a mass flagged ip even if it is just 1 account the best thing to do is to take the minimum risk

Enjoy :smile:


Have you had any blocks?
What proxy are you using?

ipv4 residential proxy i am still having blocks bro it’s almosteveryday but i have to try to execute all of that in one time and see if there is still something

Hi there

Although I’m sure everyone appreciates the effort you made to put this together, there is misinformation in this thread, and there is not enough information provided in some of the points you’ve made. I will highlight the most alarming examples below.

Please provide evidence.

Please provide evidence.

This is completely untrue.

This doesn’t apply 100% of the time.

I understand that you want to help everyone out and accelerate your path to LVL2, but please make sure that you put the necessary care into your topics so that they provide accurate and up-to-date information that’s easy to understand.

Furthermore, there’s no reason that this can’t be posted as a comment in the Action Block Thread.


yes i understand but it just a little guide for people who are begining like me i am not a pro instagram marketer i am here to learn like everyone and i give some of what i can know