Thinking about automating something?

It’s corona time!

Looking for some ideas on how to spend my time.

Have an Idea? Shoot it! The crazier, the better! :metal:

Here’s an awesome idea: MPSocial auto-poster and auto-liker!


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I can already imagine the savage in marketplace “Aged HQ mpsocial accounts all achievments unlocked” :rofl: :rofl:


Anyone ever thought about blowing up a stranger? Like picking a purposely bad account totally at random and seeing how high a combined effort could get them? Like, for the Lulz?

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Actually, I had a simmilar idea in the past. Like creating a “mpsocial charity” account, that we would all grow, and each week or so we would pick someone from gofundme who really needs help and promote them


That’s a really nice idea, though

Yes, that was done awhile back with some guy that liked to take photos when he got coffee

haha, awesome idea :joy:

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Haha, not really, I was away for a while, however came back a few months ago and been around taking care of stuff here and there and even posting :slight_smile:

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He just disappeared one day and we didn’t hear from him for like 3 years. Came back with a long beard and willingness to work on forum again.
Dunno what happened, but I guess 3 years on Tibet changed him.