Thinking about selling my 4G Proxies.. but there would be a catch

Would users want to pay for proxies anually/bi-anually?

If they do, I can sell my 4G proxies from Portugal and Spain for 400EUR/Year (35USD/month). The Proxy would be fully private and unlimited in data.

This is not a sales thread, it is more like a focus group to know if this is something that there would be people interested in.

If people show interest, I will soon open a thread in the Marketplace.

Thank you all for your help!

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For me, annual cycles are way too long. I don’t want to be bonded for so long because I can’t guarantee that I will need the proxies in a year.

Almost any service offers monthly cycles for a reason. Just my opinion!

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This would be a way for me to be able to scale up my farm quicker. That is why I thought this could be a good idea.

I can offer smaller cycles of 3-6 months as well. I just don’t know if you are 100% right and nobody uses proxies in the long-run…

I used to use proxies and pay for them 6 months in advance, but with 4g proxies it was impossible because of the price.

I don’t think anyone would be interested in 3-6 months proxy plans. There are already good deals with monthly plans

So you think that selling monthly is the only way to go?

What good deals are you talking about? The lowest price I found was 50usd, or less than that, but limited to only one platform…

The really cheap ones that I found were all from outside Europe.
If you guys have connections of 4g proxies providers for 400eur/year, fully dedicated and private, and in Europe, I’m interested.

I’m renting residential proxies since 2017 and mobile proxies since 2018. If you need I can give you at 300 Euros/year per raw mobile proxy with unlimited bandwidth.

PM for details.


I sent you a DM to learn more…

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Yeah theres quite a few suppliers a lot cheaper than $35USD per month and no one wants to be stuck with a years plan incase the provider decides to pack it in.

The ones that charge more are generally US and UK as they are more expensive to run and in high demand.

but finally, what would be a fair and easy price to sell 4g proxies from Portugal and Spain?

I have mobile proxy service and from my test not some many to commit to 6 months. Customers usually come and go as not many need proxies for long term.

how many people share?
and how much $$??