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In the last few days, I have spent a lot of time learning how to create quality accounts. Now that I’ve learned that the strongest accounts are created through the Instagram app on the phone, I knew I needed a mobile phone with root.

So today I went for a walk to find a small mobile phone store that sells rooted cell phones. Some did not know what I’m talking about, but the last visit was successful. It was a repair shop for mobile phones, where I have already had two cell phones successfully repaired. They had a Samsung S4 and have it rooted me. Tomorrow I will pick it up. When I talked to them about the root, one of them asked me why I needed a rooted mobile phone. That’s how we got into conversation. I told him that you can only create a few Instagram accounts on a mobile phone and I want to create several. The dialogue was great, as he next asked me what I needed the Instagram accounts for. Although I originally wanted to create the accounts for “Shoutout Pages” in the niche I’m working in (fitness), I responded from the gut: “I’ll create Instagram accounts and manage them for other people”. I really can not say why I said that. But what I can say is that I’ve always learned to listen to my gut feeling when making decisions. This decision was the right one! He also offered to use his laptops to create Instagram accounts. He said I could sit in the store for an hour and create them there. Even if I do it exclusively on my cell phone, interest and affection for my project was clearly present. Client Management was not what I meant to do when I first entered this forum, but nevertheless I have read a lot here and so the term has remained in my mind. So I looked at the website of the store and found there no linking of social media channels. I thought, that can not be true, they do not have social media! And they have 3 locations! Then I went on Instagram and only after a long search I found their Instagram account. This was not well built, appealing or of long reach. Then I came up with the idea to offer social media for every single store and manage it to win more local customers.

I believe that life is fate and action. I can not influence some things. But the things that I can influence should I focus on. So fate played a role in my hand and I want to take the challenge and seize the opportunity that offers me.

But enough of the esoteric journal. Long story short: I intend to talk to them about their social media management tomorrow when I pick up my phone and win them over as a long term customer. But I do not want to go there and say, give me money and then I’ll do it for you. But I want to explain to them wisely, what can be improved, where their potential is and how much money they leave on the table when they do not use social media based on MOBILE PHONES as MOBILE PHONE repair shop. I want to give them a lot of value first. At the same time it gives me a better position, as they will realize that I know what I’m talking about.

My plan is that I would like to offer them, for a certain period of time, to take over and build their social media (mainly Instagram) (the reason is that I have no references, like clients I have worked with before). After that, I would offer them to expand that further (content consulting / creation, further growth through mother / slave method, for example through tech pages, the effectiveness of videos, stories and live videos, etc.). That would cost money later and so I could build a sales funnel and offer them more stuff to attract more customers.

My question now is: how do I best win them as customers for myself, without making them feel that I would do it all without pay?

I am grateful for any help and am also pleased if someone who has experience in this area, still has a general tip! :slight_smile:

At this point, I would like to thank everyone who has helped me on my way so far. I’ve learned so much and I learn so much new stuff here every day and it’s so much fun! Thanks to everyone from this great community! :pray::heart:

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I’m not really the right person to answer this, because I have never had clients on this internet marketing business. However I had get some clients on the beginning of my main job, and a tip I can give you for example is to show them numbers, show them related Instagram accounts and their follower base, which can possibly give them clients, if you don’t have anything to show them it’s always harder, but maybe you can create a plan to grow and monetize their customer base, like a 6 month plan for example, and show them how you can bring really good value to their business.


Thank you for your advise :slight_smile: @JackGagger

That was about my plan. I thought about managing their social media for free and creating their own page for each local shop. So you can better tag with Geo Location and better target specific customers. In parallel, I would build a few Tech / Mobile Phone Pages (niche related), this more with Follow / Unfollow, which I do not want to do on the main page of the shop so as not to present the brand so cheap. And after a few weeks / months, negotiate a price for the first measurable results. Other references than my personal page I do not really have.

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Great job! Trusting your gut really does pay off doesn’t it? :smile:

Also, it would be great to help them out, and possibly have them as clients.

I would like to let you know that it would be more profitable/effective in my opinion to continue managing and growing your own pages (personal, niche pages, meme pages, etc.) as this will continue to bring in money regardless of if they need your business or not.

Also, having those large pages will help you tremendously in the future as you can use those as examples of pages you’ve grown that generate revenue, drive traffic to your business’ page, and show that you have an active community with high levels of engagement.

That is a huge selling point and can help you earn way more from new clients in the future.

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Thank you and thank you for your helpful tips! :fist_right::fist_left:

Yes, I will do that simultaneously. I will not rest on my laurels (German saying). I work hard and will continue to work hard. :muscle:

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I just came back from the phone repair store and have some good news. I picked up my rooted smartphone and gave the storeman some tips for their Instagram page. Before I could do that, he asked me how he could delete the personal Instagram page from his girlfriend and him. I’ve never deleted an Instagram page, but if I did not find that out within seconds, I probably would not be a member of this forum. He was happy as if he had a birthday today and said that he had tried several times with a colleague, but failed.

After that I advised him about their Instagram page, from smaller things like customizing the meta-description for SEO and the benefits of geo-location up to content strategies and the story swipe-up feature. He was thrilled and asked me to enter my number in his phone. He said he talks to the main manager of the stores and contact me after that.

It was a success! That’s the power of taking action! :muscle:

Of course I will not cool down and wait until he contacts me. The next step is to create a portfolio in which I describe exactly how and what value I can give to the company through the intelligent use of social media.

I think that’s the beginning of a very interesting journey! :grin:

to be continued…