This is how fake Instagram influencers are

This is just sad.
Sad, but not surprising.


Too lazy to watch the video, but I’m offended.


its a little disturbing but the unquenchable thirst for admiration via instagram creates a market for our services


I had this one girl … child hood friend fraud me so hard… she looked like a dime on it but inrl 4/10 big disappointment


We all know Instagram is completely fake people living there “best” life. It is sad though, people taking photos of meals before eating them for the gram. Just eat.


Who cares how they look …it’s all about money…at least in my case

just wow, yeah they get money and then what? Probably more unhappy than every other person in this planet

This really needs more exposure with our younger generations, because the belief that everything they see on social media is real truly is damaging them, and in turn all of us as a society. Seriously, they think everything in a photo is reality and if they can’t compete with it, they’re ugly losers.

And I should know, I’m an ugly loser with no followers.


Going to talk about it on my personal acc, I believe everyone should… So people actually now. It is truly destroying younger peoples’ self worth… Sad that it is, but it just is


I got around to watching it, and as an influencer who is very raw and real with my posts, I agree with him. Trisha Paytas is a plague to YouTube and Instagram. She binge eats but had liposuction and plastic surgery. That’s not a healthy self image and you certainly shouldn’t be in a position of influence with such an unhealthy self image.


As much as I would normally agree with you, I have to stage and take photos of my food before I eat or drink. Not kidding. I know exactly how it looks and we always get looks, but it’s how we create content. And if I am paying for a $200 lunch or dinner and tipping well, I don’t really care what other people think.

Our IG’s are not “personal” so it’s less about us and more about the content, but we still need to do it.


Instagram is all fake man, even the guys with 3 followers

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This video is gold haha.