This MUST make an impact on Jv performance right?

Hi all,

You guys here are absolute wizards when it comes to tech! I don’t know much about any of it… I do have a question for the tech guys…

If I use a program such as Jv… Is it best to use the Integrated or dedicated graphics card?

My laptops a Dell i7
16gb ram
1th ssd
Nvidia geforce gt 750m

Basic laptop.

I see the options here in my nvidia that I can change all these. There must be a configuration to optimise JV performance :thinking::thinking:

And also by putting my laptop onto Game Mode should force GPU to the 1 app that’s open right?

Looking forward to your answers…

I don’t think JV uses any GPU function, so GPU should have no affect.
(GPU functions are more for mathematical stuff, like games/rendering, things that use matrices operations)

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We were told by support that a GPU will allow the EB to run better. Since then, we have added 2 GPU servers but notice no difference whatsoever vs a non GPU though.

So saying that if they did implement that it uses gpu then you can add really good graphics cards to make Jv significantly better since you can get some extreme graphic cards?! :sunglasses:

Gpu have 0 effect on JV, if there’s any thing can improve JV performance is RAM & Cpu. In this case, you already have good specs. the issues is from JV and their team need only to optmize it to make it work smoothly

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@ZackMD1 Sum’d it up perfectly. Graphics card in doesnt have anything to do with the way jarvee or any IG bot performs.

Would be great if it was that simple of a solution though.

I agree with what he said @Klique


There are no problems or issues.

Optimising it’s always best.

I hope they implement something that depends on our computer specs so we can then boost the hell out of it for convenience!

get a good GPU so you can play minecraft while jarvee is doing interactions