This page isn't available. What can i do?


Acc status : Phone verification
Today i see this message

Last update was about this problem.
Can anybody tell me what to do ?

If i click return and login again i get that same message.

If i go that page
I see the same page isn’t available.

If i login with phone i see the screen to verify with SMS.

Acc has not the " acc disabled " status
And i don’t have the message this username doesn’t exist.


MP v2.9.19

This means your account was DISABLED by IG, at least in my experience.

Yes, but if thats the case it don’t login and it must show : this accountname doesn’t exist

It login and i see the message this page isn’t available.
And when i login on my phone it works ( i see the screen to verify )

If that is the case, can you try verifying it with your phone?

I had the same once. I couldn’t do PV through the EB but MP said the account needed a PV and wasn’t banned. Unfortunately that was at the times where the API didn’t work. So I just let the acc sit there, but I thought it would be banned. 2 days ago though, the API started working again and to my surprise the account did actually survive, even though it needed another PV the next day and an email verification, it now runs as smooth as ever!

If i verify with phone, problem is i can’t change number to new fresh number.
It only send to original number.

So i verify it and after it logs out. Login again and now i have an other screen verify sms or verify e-mail.
I choose verify e-mail and it works again and works again acc=VALID

Verifying via API doesn’t work on your side?

It’s problem from account. From where you buy is the problem.

I don’t buy accounts.
Created 1/2 year ago.

Thnx for your reply
Didn’t tryed that.

I just forget that accounts and tryed today and 4/5 accounts i saw the verification screen.
Verify via sms and they are good again.

1 acc page isn’t available.
Try again after 2 days

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