This program doesnt work for my account anymore

Do anybody knows why for the last months my instagram account got -4000followers and now stoped but still i dont grow up at all:(
Somebody know the reason and what to do?

Hi @bianca1980,

likely nobody can tell you for sure why you lost followers, there might be different reasons.

  • One reason could be that IG deleted some users in the network and some of these were also your followers.
  • other reason could be that you havent been active (no posts for a while) and some users decided to unfollow you
  • or some people unfollowed you because they follow every now and then people and then unfollow them.
  • or you changed the style /topic of your content and some followers didnt like the new style/ topic

The loss of followers is something that happens to a lot of account. E.g. this is the statistic of famous blogger you died some months ago (he may REST IN PEACE! :pray:). As you can see his account is losing every day followers:


Let us know if you need any further help and if so, maybe include some more information about niche, follower count, how you won your followers…

All the best to you :four_leaf_clover: