This site is in read only mode


When i open the forum i see this message “This site is in read only mode. Please continue to browse, but replying, likes, and other actions are disabled for now.” still i can post like and comment though, it is just me, did i get ghosted :smiley: or is this for everyone


You’ve been ghosted dawg. I can’t even see your post, I am just saying things for no reason.


LOL… but i did not spam anything


Dude, you smell like spam musubi. :sushi: I am just kidding, I am ghosted as well. Lets call IG and complain about it


I am NOT spamming anything… I will sent in a photo for verification maybe i get unghosted then


I would recommend using a new SIM as well. Don’t use a real photo, photoshop that shit. Lets ue this method, but for MP social.


Dear MP.

My account seems to be ghosted and i am telling you that i did nothing to break your TOS, like spamming or trolling
Please restore my account

Yours truly



Still can’t see you dave. Can you see my post @DaveNL?


No i can’t see you either, shoot, well back to work then :frowning:


I hope my account gets shadow ghost attack helicopter unbanned soon. I am losing money over here.


Dear MP.

Please unban. Attached:


Don’t make me send my dad around…


I found the problem, it was all this grass.


Should have known, it is always the grass



Quick, get your memes out before Mojo smash :laughing:


I moved it to free for all so we can break them out!



Don’t wanna move to free for all :frowning: :frowning: