This will be alright? 3 Fitness Accounts in 1 PC

Look, I know this is not as planned as it could be… But that’s why I needed to post this:

Is my first post in this web, and recently, I got my first SM client.

He is a Fitness Coach. He wants to grow on both Ig and Facebook and attract people to its local training program/advisory and products.

Now, I’ve some doubts (As you could too :face_with_raised_eyebrow:):

  • How may I get a good quantity of followers and likes daily? Automation is key?

I’m planning to create 3 facebook profiles and start engaging in niche related groups (fitness and wellness), then adding people from this niche. Finally, “personally” invite all friends into the MAIN FB page.

For Instagram, I’m just stacking hashtags, but haven’t introduced myself into Jarvee/FollowLiker/NinjaGram Yet

Please, let’s debate this because time is running. Getting the client was easy - because I have done this type of cliff jumping deals as a freelancer (would love to talk more about it later) - and now, I need to get work done.

Thank you very much.

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No debate… Jarvee.

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Does he have lots of content & images to post?

If not, I believe it will be hard to grow with out unique personal content.

IG is easier to get some growth and engagement.

FB growth is tough today without paid promotion.

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Thank for replying, ammiel. It’s an honor to be in this forum.

About that… Why do you consider Jarvee for this strategy? And how would you use it in my spot?

Thanks for taking the time to answer, Hardy.

For this, I will say “Yes”, I have at least 10 sources for content - Original and curated - so that wouldn’t be the real problem, at least for now.

The main doubt that goes into my mind is: How can I get 3 profiles - that aren’t me nor Him - in a kinda blackhat way?

Do I need a Proxy/VPN to don’t get the BANhammer?

Yes I would use a separate Proxy for each of the 3 profiles. I would make sure they are coming from a different IP and location.

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That’s what fucked our job
people still learning and don’t even know how to work on the software want to manage other’s ppl accounts


I totally understand your point… You are quite right.

I love doing this because I learned to never get into paralyzis for analysis. Back then, I just didn’t execute any type of work, because I was insecure.

Now, I learn the basics and jump right in into the action… And 3 years from now, I was able to make “a living” as an 18 years old Venezuelan.

If someone want to answer: Great (Actually, thanks for the previous answers! Did solve my doubt). If not, my man, it’s okay… I will solve it from 1 way or another!

Thank you very much :sweat_smile: