Thoughts on Byte(Vine 2)?

Has anybody else seen this yet? Thoughts? Think it’ll catch on? @customlogovideos

My full opinion on Byte, after being a beta tester on it for 4months now.
If byte addresses the issues in this audio message, then they might have a chance. But not likely.


Can somebody put more light on this app? It doesn’t available for my country

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Appreciate it man! Very insightful :+1:

I am getting a 403 error for that audio file? (I have now tried to access it from multiple browsers and computers, and finally started debugging it.) Do I need to subscribe to something? (I ran across this forum while searching for something last night, and so might be missing some key context.)

@customlogovideos sums it up well. My 2 cents == its a joke at this stage and probably too late in the game. I set up 2 accounts and comments already of ‘follow me, follow me’ and guess what – ‘free followers – go to my account for further info’. yikes!! No thanks. I will check back on it regularly to see if it has any tools available. I can’t even delete a damn video I posted! yep, that bad.


How about scrolling through that feed and seeing nothing but byte videos lol

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It’ll take time to get built up- don’t forget about how many massive YouTube content creators started out on Vine and have a personal relationship with the creator of Byte.

Regardless, I think the timing is off- TikTok is doing what Byte is doing but is already established.

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As I understood from a review by Lewis Hilsenteger on it few days ago, they want to make users to monetize easier than on TikTok.

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Seems like this died as fast as it popped up haha