Thoughts on Mass Twitter Unliker Services

Has anyone used a service to mass unlike like
or ?

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Nope, never.

Why would you need that? Is there a limit on how many tweets you can favorite in total?


No but it’s more obvious you’ve used automation with like over 50k likes most of the time.

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I’ve used *them. *They work but there are daily limits I think. Also sometimes after you get over a certain number of likes it will stay “stuck” at that number on your profile, even if you delete all favorites. Had an account with over 100k likes and it deleted them but wouldn’t show below that on my profile. :confused:

I really like this tool though:

There’s a bug. If you try to unlike too quickly, the like history on your profile becomes truncated and all the likes are lost. So, you’re basically stuck with that number of likes showing, but no way of unliking the tweets. If you’ve kept your own like history, manually unliking them from that will not reduce the number of likes showing on your profile once the bug has hit. I have accounts with 20-50K missing likes in their history. These accounts will never show fewer likes than that now.

Also, as @odegucci mentioned, there seems to some threshold above which the like history becomes truncated and older likes cannot be retrieved from your like history (but they still exist wherever you made them on each user’s timeline). I’m not certain what this is, but now, I don’t allow the likes to go above 2-3k without unliking (slowly).

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So does this tool do without triggering the like limits? How can I do this and avoid getting “stuck”

Do you have a way to avoid getting stuck?

Maybe try what @socialgrow suggested. Unlike while liking. Or don’t unlike a lot. You’ll just have to test it.

well I have several accounts at 50k likes that need some serious work

I’m in the middle of the bug. I have unliked 3000 thousand tweet in bulk and now my like tab is broken. On mobile, I don’t see any likes but I have 20.000 and on the desktop, I can see the tweet that I already unlike but not the tweet that I want to unlike. Have you fixed this problem?

There’s no solution, sadly. The only way to stop this from happening is prevention. So, not allowing the likes to exceed 2-3k in the first place, and not unliking more than 1k tweets spread across one day. If you do that, you should be fine.

Otherwise, once they’re gone, they’re gone and you’re stuck with that large number of likes forever.

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Thank you very much for your help :muscle:t3:

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