Thoughts on tools to find trending videos/music?

We are looking to build a tiktok leaderboard-like thing for currently trending videos, music, etc. You could see what gets the most view/like/etc in the past x days and the actual gained numbers as well. Probably also the historical data charts as well.

Is this something anyone would be interested in? The idea is that you can use it to find out the hottest topics and maybe follow the trend in your new posts.


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Yes of course we will be interested especially if you could provide a lot of data that could be scraped and used afterward.

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Hey Luca, how would you use the data?

I will probably just let users download the data so no need to scrape. The point is really to provide data people need.

Am in…this is a good idea

Interested if executed correctly!

You are certainly right. Execution is the key here!

Why type of data do you want to see when it comes to trending video/music?

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I think the most important is to see what videos or music received the most views, likes and comments. That’s how we can see what’s got the most engagement and what’s the most popular at the moment.


Hey guys, thanks for all the suggestions. I just built the trending list based on your suggestions. It looks like this:

Does it look right?

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Following this thread because I need such tool! :slight_smile:

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Are you still building the tool? Would love to give it a try

It looks really great. Can’t wait to try it out. How many videos or music does the tool display? Is there a limit?

The tool was already launched. Right now it’s part of the tiktok tool I built but I may spin it out as a standalone tool depending on feedbacks. Feel free to give it a try. You’ll need to register to see, but it’s free.


Right now I’m showing only 100 trending music and videos. I’m not sure if it’s useful to show more because I think it’s the top ones that are important. Thoughts?

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