Three Simple Tricks To Grow Your Instagram Profile

Hey everybody, Steven here.

So, we’re all here in this forum for all kind of purposes, but ultimately, we want to grow our Social Medial marketing channel, so we can reach more people.

Here’s few tricks I want to share with you today, I’ll not go into details, but you get the idea. If you have questions, comment below.

What I’m going to share with you today:

1. Give your Instagram Profile a 'Theme’
2. Use Call To Action in Caption
3. 80/20 Rules

1. Give your Instagram Profile a ‘Theme’

So, basically, what we need to do is give our Instagram profile a ‘Theme’. Take a look at this example:

Rather than posting a bunch of photos in an unorganised, messy manner, a simple theme like this can catch the eyes of many. Also, the potential followers will feel that you’re putting your effort in managing your Instagram profile, thus, follow back ratio increase.

2. Use Call To Action in Caption

I’m sure many will say, “Meh, who don’t know about this?” But, this is a different type of CTA caption. A picture worth a thousand words:

See that? “Tag someone you care about!”

Yes, this is not those CTA which ask your followers to ‘BUY NOW’, ‘LINK IN BIO’, etc etc. But with this kind of ‘filler’ content, you can make your post went viral easily, in turn, bring you more followers (if they like your content).

3. 80/20 Rule

This is from Jay Bear (Google him if you don’t know who he is).

I don’t know anyone here still listen to Radio or used to do that, but if you did/still do, try to pay attention on how they insert advertisement between their programs. Basically, a decent radio station will follow 80/20 rules, where they will provide you 80% free programs/contents mixed with 20% advertisements.

How to apply this in our marketing effort? Simple, share 80% free contents that your target audience like, and insert your own CPA/Products/Services in them.

Not only this will make your social media channel looks legit, your conversion rate will increase too.

A perfect example that mixed all three tricks above:

1. This is a small guide created for this community, as per the agreement between me and @BrandonBerner
2. All the tricks shared in this post are tested by me, and they works.
3. Hate speech will not be entertained.


Awesome guide. I agree with the call to action tip as you can get a lot more engagements or even new followers if you are doing it. I’m also learning about themes now but picking a theme for my IG accounts is costing me too much time :sweat_smile:


@euhero Thanks! What I found is that the more simple our theme is, the better. Nowadays people are constantly bombarded with negative informations, and positive quotes always get the most share/tag IMO.


I would like to know the profile (1st) this was pulled from so I can do some digging on my Analytics please. I have a client who does women’s clothes and I could do better…

PM if need to. @stevenvertigo

And whats this agreement with BB?


@MrSterling PMed.

Hi @stevenvertigo, nice to see your post. I hope it’s gonna be smooth sailing from here on and thanks for this share :slight_smile:


Thanks for this nice little tips :slight_smile:


@mommyfats Thanks.


Great share @stevenvertigo

Although this is simple, so many dont do it the right way. You have provided a nice, simple, easy to understand little guide to help those get on the right track.

Great Job! and keep up the great work :smiley:


Really nice started guide here @stevenvertigo , glad to see you active in the community :wink: I am sure many will appreciate this.


many thanks this tip. I love the “theme” - very clear and attractive - I can use it for sell T-Shirt