Throttled by Instagram because of too many API requests

Hello guys,

I get this error when I try to login in my new instagram account:
Throttled by Instagram because of too many API requests.

anyone know something about this limit?


Were exactly are you trying to login to your IG account? Send the screenshot of the message that you get, I never had this message.

It’s because you sent too much API requests and you need to wait for some time,also I guess you are using the same proxy which was used for the accounts which did too many API Requests.

i try to login in mobile instagram with library mgp25 Instagram-API

do you know how much i need to wait? some my proxies not used 24h but still return that error

Proxy quality can also be blamed here,if it was already abused by someone before then you need to change them or else try to wait 24 hours.

Wait it out. Can take a few days depending on how aggressively the account pushed into the API request limits.

you have expirience with same cases?