Tik Tok Automation in Jarvee?

Who told you that?

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Just look at the demography of it’s user

This is an old thought and its rapidly getting older and more mature each day. Spend some time on the platform and look at different hashtags.

I say bring Tik Tok Automation on board. This is the fastest growing social media platform. Now is the time to capitalize on this craze. Forget Instagram.


Some people are way ahead of you haha. :rofl: I’ve been using autotokker.com for two weeks and I know there is a couple other ones. Tokker.ru, instazood etc

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i hope they do make it, because ig is pretty much dead now

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what are your results from using it?

Okay, it’s actually incredible, but there are mature people on TikTok and they generate sales.
Pro tip from a TikTok beginner:

  • find ONE adult and check his followings, probably there will be more adults and pages dedicated for adults with tons of adults with even more tonnes of buying power.
    J has to implement TikTok quickly!

Oooo awesome how do you like it? I’m signing up today

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Autotokker has been amazing!