Tik Tok Automation in Jarvee?


Is there any info about jarvee on planning a feature to automate tik tok? I’m looking all over for tik tok automation but nothing is open public yet, only custom softwares and who knows if they actually work properly .I feel like it would be a great move for jarvee


Don’t believe so as TIK TOK hasn’t opened the api publicly


And I don’t think there is enough interest in them yet to invest all the time into reverse engineering the TIK TOK app. You can message their support and ask.


If that can help, I totally upvote this feature request


the jarvee team told me that if they receive many requests they will do something about tiktok automation.


Has been asked multiple times but don’t believe they have it planned. Would be a great move if they would though


I thought some people had it on beta last month already? :face_with_monocle:

(Edit) I couldn’t find the comment anymore so not sure what’s going on with that.


That will be nice :slight_smile:


Would be GREAT. Anyone knows the daily/total limits? I followed 70-75 accs and it said something like “You’re following too fast” and after 20 mins I was able to follow again. I also read that follow back ratio is so high AND since there are no apps to see the unfollowers, you can unfollow anyone without a worry :wink:


It’s most likely been moved to a different level.


there is any good automation tool for tiktok?


Would be super dope!


you can’t dm on tiktok unless you are mutual friends right?


That is correct


This is a bot that is up:

and this one:


Honestly I think its a perfect time to do automation in tiktok, the organic engagement is unreal compared to Instagram :laughing:


That doesn’t even make sense, as you can only message people on TikTok if the other party follows you…


get friends with slaves then send messages. It make sense i think


Old roads bring to old results.

What do you think @customlogovideos ?


Those number just to expensive, especially for tiktok followers which having low spending power