Tik Tok Compilations on YT - using Jarvee Scraper

I’ve been reading stuff about Tik Tok lately, esp compilations are working really well - monetizing via Google Adsense

The idea is to take the most trending videos from TikTok / IG and make YT videos out of that.

You can use Jarvee Scraper for the IG videos to take the ones with most views / likes

Have not tried yet but will soon

What you think?


What do you mean?

You want to scrape TikTok Content from Instagram with jarv and post on youtube?

3 things:

  1. scrape the trending vids from TT, make compilation, upload to YT
  2. IG: scrape the trending vids from IG via JV scraper, make compilation, upload to YT
  3. IG: scrape the trending vids from TT, make compilation, upload to IG

compilation vids seem to be trending crazy on YT, will try out

clear what I mean?

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It is a nice idea, but not useful. Youtube will demonetize your videos immediately as they did with all the vine compilation and you will most probably get Copyright stricked.


I am not sure on that as people are currently doing exactly that, and making money

flags should not happen as you can mention the users in the video in info etc

I will give it a try this week

Most grow them and promote products or either sell them to another company/indivisual where they then completely transform it. From what I can tell, they just scrape or download these videos manually and then edit them.

@ugreenchocolate - what you think, worth a try?

I say go for it, it seems to be rather big in India, just make sure it’s above 10 minutes as that’s usually what YouTube likes to recommend :smiley:

Thanks for the tip - I will go for German language as I am from Austria, will report how the results regarding views are asap

thx for the 10 min info


gl :slight_smile:

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How do you scrape TT?

the problem with using TT videos is that they watermark them with a moving watermark and I am fairly sure it is against TOS to upload someone elses TT video on your TT account.

If we can get JV to upload TT videos eventually, you would have a much better time scraping IG, FB, Twitter, etc and uploading that content to TT