Tik Tok Engagement Pod

Anyone interested? It seems like this particular algorithm values likes a lot. PM me if you are!


It does not at first. It sends the post to a selected number of views first picked by the algo and depending on the numbers of views competed by them it will send to a bigger pool and so on. It defeats the purpose of ER groups They did this to work agents you if you set likes there on purpose to boost it


interested if could be useful.

Could be wrong, but I think what makes a video on TikTok grow is the a high likes to views ratio that COME FROM the For You page… I had one video with 800k views, 50,000 likes. My video was on the For You page consistently for 4 weeks, thus getting more than 1,000 likes a day.


interested… let me know when you set one up

I’m in too, let us know :pray:t2:

I think that the only way it’d work is if people liked the video not from a link in a telegram post, but if everyone in the pod followed each other and liked videos as they came up in the “following tab.” So we’d all have to follow each other and check the tab when the notifications come up…

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interested lmk!!!1

interested let me know!!

I am interested let me know

I am interested :grinning:

interested :grinning:


how did this end up going?

As mentioned following would be essential, or it would absolutely be flagged as inauthentic behaviour

interested! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

They exist mostly on DouYin.
The main tactic is having a chat group, in the chat group you tell them you’re going to go live at specific times that everyone agrees on daily (almost like scheduling a time slot).

1 person goes live for 5 mins (they get live notification cause they’re following the account). Then hop on their live, few minutes into the live then pause the live, post their post, everyone goes and engages with it. Live ends, and then the train continues on for about 1-2hrs.

It’s kinda time consuming, but this is what creators on DouYin typically do with 250k+ followers.

They arrange their own engagement pods based off specific niches.

They do the live to mask the traffic and reasoning for opening up the app.



Super interesting

Who wants to do this??

If you are interested, DM me your telegram username

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