Tik Tok Error When Updating Phone Number / Email

Hi, I have multiple clients who are experiencing an error when they go to update their phone number/email. There are two different error messages that are returned and I’ll attach them

They all have access to the current email and phone on the account and they get the codes initially, but the problems come in when they place the new email or phone and receive the code from that.

Someone please help me fix this, we will be willing to pay.

what happens is that TikTok doesn’t accept those emails and phone numbers it happened to me many times, tell them to use new emails that are registred with different phone number and when using phone number not use old ones.

They use Google Voice, so should we just create a new Gmail and Google Voice?

If you’re using android, try deleting the Tiktok app cache or reinstall the app.

yes try changing the used credentials and see how it goes, those credentials are most likely flagged by Tiktok.

did you fix the problem? if so, how? I’m in the same situation as you and I’m desperate

did you try what suggested above? did you change the used credentails on the accounts?