TIK TOK for new user


I´m new on tik tok is there any bots or agency with can help with growth?? :smiley:

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are you looking for someone to take care of your account like an expert? or just general advices?

If it’s a personal account, I would suggest growing it on your own. Unlike other social media platforms, a TikTok account can go from 0 followers to thousands overnight. Simply post your own original content, and they’ll do the work for you.

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Yes, the content is everything on TikTok. Jarvee’s automation for TikTok is currently not working so I haven’t had a chance to see what are the benefits of automation for Tiktok but I believe that many people agree that content is the most important for TikTok, the same as for youtube.

Hi, I think you can refer here: [GET] Guide to start Tik Tok Campaign - #7 by Supporter - Give-Away and Freebies - OneHack.Us | Tutorials For Free, Guides, Articles & Community Forum. It will be useful for you. I watched them.