Tik Tok - Let's open a Tik Tok category


TiK ToK is near I can tell. In China is already main. Here in Europe is main to below 18. So something is on…


I would love a tiktok category. It is becoming a major platform.


+1 for tiktok category !
It is growing rapidly, my sister tells me that in her college nearly everybody is using it. Soon it will be crazy big.


Anyone know a tool to post to tiktok from a computer??
Just trying to grow…

or even to scrape content


Is there a tool for auto post on TikTok?


At the moment i don’t know any tool for that purpose.


I think that opening a TikTok category is a very smart move indeed. Second this!


What program are you using to bot with on tick toc?


there are probably threads, but can anybody lead me to where to learn TikTok 101? :slight_smile:
definitely interested to diversify in a long run


Here’s the new category as requested :slight_smile:


Johnny!!! :sunglasses:


haha i am sure they will soon