Tik Tok - Let's open a Tik Tok category

Hey guys, since the last Instagram blocks I think that we have to look forward. We can’t wait anymore for a solution.

Our ideas are the solutions.
Our knowledge is the solution.
We are the solution.

Plese admins open a Tik Tok category so we are going to talk about this platform: function, algorithm, content creation, botting…



Good idea, but has anyone heard about any success stories with monetizing traffic driven from tiktok? Aren’t they all kids with no buying power?

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It is available in China for monetizing and from everything I read it will be rolled out world wide … When? Nobody knows .


Kids influence their Parents.
There are also a lot of guys/girls in their 20’s .

also the organic reach is mind blowing. gained 1000 Followers in 7 days. converted 200 in Instagram Followers and got around 50.000 Views in that time.

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That’s nice, I just started testing things on it for the last few days, follow back rate is amazing, I followed 116 people and got 60 of them follow me back, I don’t have any posts on my profile or anything.


which type of source do you use? today for example i’m not able to select hashtag and insert sources… any of tou facing this?

I just picked some guy with 10m followers and followed his followers, I guess they were all real since they followerd back, but I am just starting on tiktok, so everything is still testing and luck :joy: What’s the best way to start there? I honestly hate the videos, they are maybe funny to kids or I don’t know, but for me they look retarded. So I am obv not going to record anything myself. What’s the best way to repost there? Is there some program, or I should save videos from Instagram tiktok compilations and then repost them on tiktok?

If you post stuff there its quite easy to find people that compare to you

These are my Stats using TikTok for a week again
The Views / interaction is crazy!

The completion time of the videos is really important. Most of my videos have a retention time of 90-110%


Oh and i am posting 1/day

Posting your own videos or reposting?

Only own Videos!

Also some insights: I noticed that after I post a new video, the old Videos that got on „for you“ got boosted again. TikTok rewards users who are active every day for sure!


is it okey to repost on tiktok?

Im 17 and Id say atleast 70% of my highschool is on Tiktok. So definitely not just kids with no access to credit cards.


Try scraping videos from Instagram to post on Tiktok

Yeah! Its growing older for sure!
I think the kids thing was just a stigma.
And maybe it was like that back then when it was musically


I always wanted to get into tiktok but its so hard to make the content cause its hella cringy especially in my niche

So no one have opened a tik tok category yet? :slight_smile:

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They dont’ like us :sweat_smile:

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