Tik Tok Limits Daily?

What are the Tik Tok limits for following, comments, etc? Thanks!

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80-100 last time I was using TikTok follow/unfollow, but as you khow these things depends on a lot of stuff so what you should do is test, start very slow then work your way up slowly.

First, you need to warm up the account, then you can go up to 200 follow/unfollow per day.

Are you using TikTok in some automation app. If so, can you tell us what it is?

Do you do those actions manually? start with 20 comments per day, make sure you don’t comment too fast. As for following, I would suggest you don’t follow more than 100 users per day.

I won’t follow more then 100 a day with fresh account.
With aged (2-3 Months) I will max follow 130-140

it is work on tiktok? any advice to get to explore page and save 10k actions per day?

are you asking about Jarvee tiktok if it’s working?

What do you mean by save 10k actions per day?

sorry if I was confusing, I asked the author
if it work /like/follow/etc like on ig, and if there anyway to save those actions and get onto “explore” page