Tik Tok Mother Slave?

What are your thoughts on using tiktok slaves to grow a tiktok page or even an instagram account?

Thoughts, ideas, experiences?

i dont think its worth it unless the tik toks are literally just posting

i don’t think there is a good tiktok automation bot for now

Question is, organic growth is pretty good on tiktok ; is there a need for such tool ?

There is always need for such tools. If you have maybe picked it up, mr beast apparently owns a ton of pages all just growing towards his main aswell, granted it’s on youtube but same applies on all socials. The bigger the reach the bettet

I don’t know who is Mr Beast, but overall requests for tiktok growth are <5% of our queries currently (at least on our end), versus Instagram (50%), Twitter (30%), YT (10%)

Very rarely for tiktok tho, so we didn’t even bother yet coding something there :sweat_smile:

That’s why we’re probably hoping on YT end of 2022 and not tiktok… If nothing changes in the meantime :smiley:

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