Tik Tok - publish content - nobody can see it - why?

I publish some non adult content, sexy girls walking / dancing and the video wont show up on the account if I check it from other account.
Does anyone know why?
My unique videos, not stolen
How to solve this crap?

You say non adult, then you say sexy girls. What is it? Could be your account is flagged.

sexy girl must be adults?
then u must be a retard

You’re using underaged ‘sexy’ girls? Good luck with the FBI bro.

Because it’s against the TOS.

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What is against the TOS, non nude sexy girls?

Some of y’all got problems.


For real right :'D the fuck is up with that underaged stuff. I know you’re growthhacking but for real keep some decency before our world goes to shit

Oh my sweet summer child…


He meant that he is not posting adult content, just sexy women. He didn’t say the girls are underaged