TikTok adding link in bio

Nope how do I get it? I just send traffic to link in my instagram bio and have good domain so people can easily type it in

Are you shadowbanned? What happened to your latest videos

me? i think i might be shadow banned right now

Yes I see, from where did you take the videos you posts?

Why do you think you’re shadowbanned?

because my account went from this

to this

I’m not ranking for hash tags that I was dominating before. It’s like I’m not getting shown on the For You Page anymore. I uploaded my regular content on a new channel and i’ve been getting better results then my channel with 354k followers

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I wonder if reposting can cause problems once your account begins to get really big?

Still running automation?

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No turned it off over a week ago.But do you think that’s what it was?

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Mine happened after 2 weeks off AutoTokker and I have 2 friends with 100k+ reposting accounts with the same problem. We all had meteoric rises to 80-120k + range and then stagnant. Wondering what to do :confused:

I feel like they audit your content when you get to a certain level maybe? @customlogovideos would know more

You got shadow banned? How long did it last?