TikTok adding link in bio

A source I have that has a TikTok rep says they will be adding LINK IN BIO or a similar linking ability very soon. Possibly by end of year.

Build that fanbase fast!


Great news!

I’m growing so much faster on tik tok than insta. Pretty sure most ppl have the same experience, but regardless, it’s nice to see. Hope it goes somewhere.


That would be nice :wink:

oh god that’s a good news big organic traffic + clicks on the link = $$$


Really hope this is true :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s already rolled out for verified accounts / popular accounts and beta tested for selected random users.


yea i saw this one account that had this, thats great if “normal” users can set a link there too!

Saw this as well

Daaamn okay now I’m getting into this.

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hahaha let’s go!

Does anyone have a screenshot of any account that has this rolled out? I have 2 verified accounts and neither have the option yet, hoping I get it soon!

any update???

This is an account i found with a link in their bio

Would be amazing once they open it for all of us

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Any people with low-medium follower amounts have this yet? Can’t come soon enough

I have a verified tiktok account.
How do i get link in the bio?

I saw that too so you have to be verified to use it? not certain amount of followers?

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I have 2 verified accounts and neither can get link in bio yet so I think it is only rolled out to users with a certain number of followers but not sure what that threshold is.


interesting it seems like it’s hand picked by them

Super weird but it seems you’re right !

Do you have one in yours yet?