TikTok Algor Change: UPDATE

I have some new information on the TikTok algorithm change that I picked up on and mentioned in a topic about a week ago.

The algorithm has been changed to mimic China’s version (they get the updates first). The Instant Push has been slowed down which means that videos will still go viral, but it will take longer now for the views to pile up. Apparently, a cold period is being introduced after posting for TikTok to better learn your content and better target the users to show that content too.

If you noticed this happening to your account, I would suggest keep posting despite your results appearing bad at first. You don’t want to ruin your accounts authority score by ceasing to post.

One of my video sat at 100k views for about 4 days, then on the 5th day it jumped to 3M suddenly. I was scratching my head at why it didn’t go viral on the first day like my videos typically do, but this algorithm change explains it.

In other news, I received my Popular Creator badge today, which I am pumped about! Check out my content if you’d like @Alex.stemp



The things you mentioned have always existed, not exactly a new update. Just more content being created then ever before.

Also you’re welcome for the badge lol

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You’re welcome? You ignored my DMs lol. I took it upon myself to find someone at TikTok through LinkedIn, so don’t be so audacious as to take credit for that.

Regardless, I got the badge now so I’m happy. I also have a growth strategist at TikTok that is supporting me and is providing me with inside information so that’s been awesome.

I stand by the change in algorithm, i’m just sharing information that i’m aware of and that I have been experiencing first hand.


Lol want me to show you the email exchange I had with tiktok and your profile?

It doesn’t matter at this point man. If you actually stayed true to your word then I thank you, but you did leave me hanging in the DMs which is why I went through the trouble of finding someone myself. Like I said though, it all worked out anyway which is all that matters


Yes, we do :popcorn: lol


So videos are not going to get as many views as they use to?

False. The number of views per video is not changing. The length of time that video takes to get the views is changing, because TikTok is pushing the content to users at a slower pace now.

For example…

The old way:
You post a video and within 24 hours it hits 5M views.

The new way:
That same video will hit 5M views but it might take a week to get there now.


I’m still trying to figure out how to make a business out of this as well, I want to create good content as well but just don’t know what to create and I’m trying to figure this all out how to make some money off of this I just need to learn this a little bit more or if you can throw me some ideas because most of these people on tik tok seem to be between 10-20 years old

And I’m sure there is going to be alot of changes coming to tik tok I just hope they don’t put the regulations like Instagram did

This was way off topic man, we’re talking about the algorithm change not how to make a living off TikTok. This might be why you are struggling on TikTok, you are thinking about yourself and not the end user. Shift your mindset and put the end user first if you want to win. Think “how can I create the most enjoyable and engaging content that the person watching will love and want to share with their friends” instead of “how can I make content that will make me rich”.


exactly, we would all like to have strong engagement and make money

How about reposting Instagram videos? Does it have effects?

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Works fine for me

Do you use hashtags? And how many?
I get views mainly from my own tier3 country even if I’ve set it to USA

I use 3-5 very descriptive tags and then foryoupage

yes that’s what I do and I have amazing engagement, I am in the video game niche and it works perfect because they only see a segment of your video and you can direct them to your youtube page to watch the full videos then I get some monetization money on top of that… I was doing good on fortnite for a while but the interest kinda faded off and now im just doing different video games

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How to end on “for you page” ?