TikTok algorithm change!

Has anyone detected a change in the algorithm as of about a week or two ago?

How it was before: My videos would typically go viral the following day I posted them, piling up 1-2 million within a day.

How it is now: Now my viral videos take much longer to get up to the first 1-2 million views. Eventually they get there, but it takes about a week now as opposed to a day.

Possible explanation. I’m not sure if this is account specific or not. It has been happening to me and two other TikTok’ers who started at the same time a couple months ago. All of our accounts have half a million to over a million followers. Thus I’m not sure if this is an algorithm change or if our reach is being limited and spread out over time due to our accounts having gotten big already.

Any thoughts or has anyone noticed the same thing? It really seems that the reach has stayed similar, BUT the length of time to reach accounts has increased (at least for me and my friends’ accounts)

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I’ve noticed the same. I’ve heard it may because they’re trying to convince investors that the platform is viable for advertising by highlighting the same, extremely successful videos and privileging them above the rest… I hope it’s not another platform gone the way of Instagram…


if it is already heading the instagram route then that would be mildly annoying. I just hopped on maybe two weeks ago

on insta ER takes a nose dive on major holidays. Might be cause of x-mas as less time is spent on social media and more time in the real world. Kinda stays that way to first 3 weeks of January also


or more people are on their phones all day, so the supply of content increases and ER drops


Interesting theories from everyone.

So can we conclude this is happening to everyone on TikTok? Are any accounts not being affected by this?

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Not having any problems on my end, nor my friends :+1:

What are your average views per video roughly?

20-30k probably(My account isn’t big)

No change in my experience.

No change here.

More content is being created daily
More users are coming into the platform daily

Shitty content is quickly being pushed down.

In short, create better content towards your targeted audience.


I’m surprised you didn’t notice the change in the Algorithm. I’m creating a new topic to share what I’ve learned about. In short, the Instant Push has been slowed (there’s now a cold period for TikTok to learn content better before pushing it out). It explains the exact pattern I’ve been noticing in my videos. Those videos that I mentioned when I created this topic with just 100k views are now at 1-3M. Took a while, but it got there. That’s part of the new algorithm.

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