TikTok algorithm or IP shadowban?


I’m new here but have been a lurker for the past few months. It’s because of this site I heard about AutoTokker and got some good use out of it; so thank you guys!

If I can, I’d like to pick your brain about a bit of a problem I’m having as of late.

My problem: I’ve been using TikTok for about five months. In that time I’ve been following people in order to increase my followers (first with AT and then manually). I’ve gotten to about 4.5k as a result of that, but to date none of my TikToks has gotten more than 2800 views, even when I use viral music, and to be honest I’m quite confused by that.

I thought at first I might be shadow banned, but I checked my analytics and it says most of my views are coming from For You page traffic. However, almost every single one of my likes has come from people who follow me.

I’m concerned that I may have done something bot-like that caused TikTok to shadowban my IP address. When I was following people manually, I’d follow about 190 people a day; but do so all in one go (like in one hour). Now I’m afraid TikTok might’ve flagged my account as a bot and put a semi-permanent ban on me, crippling my view count and exposure.

I don’t post consistently, so that might be a problem. I was going to start posting regularly starting tomorrow, but before I did, I wanted to ask and see if I was putting in work on a banned account and should just start over.

Thanks for any advice you might be able to provide!

I had your issue, i adopted a different method, using true residential 4g proxies.

I’m glad that worked out for you!

Could you tell me what I need to do?

From my point of view it could be 2 things:
  1. 190 follows/day in 1 hour is indeed a lot of activites to take. I’d suggest tuning the follow number to near 100
  2. You haven’t mentioned it in your post but, are you using 4G residential proxies? 4G proxies with static IPs act like a true cell phone so if you’re aiming to make a high volume of actions (manual or automated doesn’t matter), remember to use 4G residential proxies to avoid blocks
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Hi! I’m not using any proxies, so I appreciate your advice.

well, I think that you should give them a try at least for a few weeks then see if you get the desired results.