TikTok Analytics / followers count tool?

Hey, so TikTok is nr1 website in the world. Yet I’ve not found an analytics tool which can tell me the daily followers and ER growth lol. I did spend a fair amount on google, so I thought I would first share my findings:

SocialBlade - 25k minimum to show, probably good after that. Not useable for small accs tho.
https://www.cloutlog.com/ - this appears to be exactly the tool I want but it only works for big profiles, can’t recognise my small 800 followers profile I want to look up. Sad.
https://tokcount.com/ - seems like the main tool yet its analytics section is broken giving me Internal Server Error - 500 image

Then I found like 3-5 crappy copies of tokcount.com and that’s it. No actual normal tool where I can enter my username and track its follower growth daily. Wow.

Any recommendations? Cheers!