Tiktok Audience 2019

Just found this statics on one of the articles i was reading today
This statics are for TikTok Downloads Worldwide
TikTok in the U.S. was downloaded 41 million times in 2019. in India, the main market where over the past 10 months the number of downloads has exceeded 190 million.

Looking at the audience above I understand TikTok wont replace IG in the near future

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Insane numbers, does anyone do well on Indian retail market?
Even though my products are exposed to this market aswell only 0.08% (0.0008/100) customers were coming from India.
And they have import taxes from the smallest amounts, that’s crazy.

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What’s the actual date on that report?


Why is this surprising? India has like 5 times the population of the USA… Sigh

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This report from the last month.

The thing is if india dominating tiktok that means the traffic going to be trash, im not saying tiktok is not good platform to targeted but this platform need time to grow and get more audience from Tier1 countries.

yea, wait untill it become like instagram now… indeed need to work with something when it is growing because easier to get traffic.

The thing is…
Your content will likely never be displayed or shown to people in India, as the distribution method of content is by a geographical basis only, along with language being taken into account.

Unless your video hits 10million views your content is never even gonna be shown to other countries that speak a different language or don’t have shared interests.

Why would tiktok show someone a video from a totally different country, totally different language, totally different audience type, and hope that they stay on the platform?

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Isnt that what social media does anyway? I mean i’m European but a shitload is american Influencers. Of course it adapts to what kind of content you’d like to see but doesnt it cross country borders anyways? @customlogovideos

I’ve never been on tiktok actively but i’d assume country crossing goes for every open community social media

Sorry if i’m wrong