TikTok Automation for tons of accounts

Is there any service or bot for TikTok Automation that is affordable for tons of accounts?
The popular ones are like $30+ per account which does not work at all for me.
Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

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looking for same!

You really don’t need automation you can grow way faster organically. Tiktok isnt like instagram


I think automation will become more and more important as time passes. It is easy to go viral right now because the platform is super hot and there is a ton of attention on it. There is a life cycle for all of these social media platforms.

AutoTokker just emailed me yesterday saying that they are making some updates next week where they will have a multi-account license option.

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You don’t need automation for tiktok imo

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I hope that’s not the case, if it were, then I’d be out of a job :slight_smile: The clients need us to do the things that they can’t do. Automation is money.

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You don’t need automation for anything… but it makes life easier. That is the whole point of automating things haha

RESULTS is money.

Yeah that sounds great, we all love results, but unfortunately our clients are not internet stars. Most of them have boring businesses. And so its up to people like us to help them grow. And sometimes that requires boring work like daily F/UF, pitching bloggers for links to the client’s website, etc.

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Haha so true. TikTok is easy to grow on, but it can’t be “easy” for everyone. Some people are always going to produce horrible content and will need external help.

Follow / unfollow isn’t gonna do much if the content is boring, as thats really not how the platform performs.

Would really stress to you, to get them to give you better content as you’re gonna be pretty stressed with low yielding results

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