Tiktok automation software

I’ve been looking all over and can’t find an ideal solution such as jarvee that focuses on tiktok automation. Any suggestions would be appreciated and if I find what I need I’ll send a $500 reward to the person who recommended the tool that does the trick.

Looking to build an agency so I need a multi-account license that isn’t too expensive and has f/uf as well as liking and commenting as the basic options. Saw many threads here about this but nobody seems to have a solution.

PS: Jarvee team pls add tiktok ^^


I don’t think there is a bot that is working and not expensive, most Tiktok bots are expensive and rarely do the job as you want.

The Jarvee team working on Tiktok but it may take a few months to be added to Jarvee again if everything goes well.

Didn’t hear about any good software for tiktok as until now but I’m sure we’ll get it on Jarvee soon, we just need to be patient.

Well we have been waiting since 2020 it´s going to be now or never

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I would recommend you ninjatok :wink:

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If anyone is able to do m/s tiktok, please contact me. need to do m/s for 5-10 musicians as soon as possible, with the goal of 30-50 followers daily. Thanks.

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Would be pretty hard doing ms on tik tok atm. Theres no real bots around for it. Most developers aren’t interested in tik tok.

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