TikTok banned in India! again

Everyone see this? What are your thoughts?

why ? what happened

Really? Why was that?

Suite will be followed by other countries too in near future. Btw, you should’ve mentioned, its not just tiktok, 58 other apps were banned too. Here is the list for those who don’t know about it yet.

All chinese apps are being banned in india. Began with most popular chinese apps.

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Gouvernements doing whatever they please… It’s not important what is it but rather where it comes from

As per government it is because of two reasons:

  1. Rising tension between India and China because of border issues and recent loss of lives of soldiers.

  2. Data privacy issue.

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I wonder if they will unban it again in the future. When the TikTokers vs YouTubers war happened in India, i saw TikTok receive so much hate. At the time I had already thought that the government would ban it.

yes i think that they will unban it, India has a huge number of tiktokers and the amount of money there is insane so i think it’s just a matter of time.

I’m not sure. I think we should also keep an eye on USA banning it. China is doing some f****** up stuff at the moment and the whole world is starting to realize it.

It is not just about tensions with China and this being a reactive step. They are stealing data faceup! And they have an obligation to share it with the Chineese government. They can analyse information and those apps can be used to create social unrest. The data can also be exploited in many other ways. Banning Tiktok was always in the pipeline ( along with the other apps). The recent tensions just fast forwarded that. And i am sure USA is waiting for an opportunity, though it might be more difficult there with a lot more liberals in the political fray

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