TikTok - Best Practices Guide (To Be Updated Over Time)

Hello folks!

Some background information: I ran a personal TikTok account since early January 2020, researching, understanding, posting and just learning anything what I thought I had to learn (all original content).

I feel confident that I have gained sufficient ‘starters’ knowledge & experience to start launching multiple more accounts (non-original content) focused on specific niches in order to prepare for future monetization. Of course, no one ever knows everything and I realize this is only the beginning of my TikTok journey. As I progress, learn and experiment (and read & research online), I’d like to make and update this guide to help other people out.

See it as my way of giving back for what I’ve already learned from MP Social in my short time here!

This is in no way me trying to advertise, monetize or sell you anything. No links. No hidden agenda.

Having searched wide and far on multiple forums, I did find some ‘basic information’ and ‘some quality information’ in multiple posts on different forums, however, as it’s all ‘everywhere and nowhere’, it might be useful to have it all in 1 single thread.

I initially only wanted to post a list for ‘Ban Prevention’ & ‘Securing Multiple Accounts’, but then I realized… maybe I should (over time) add more information as well on possible ‘best practices’ that I have found online and have experimented with myself as well.


Answers to the following questions:

- how to prevent your account from being flagged/perma-banned
- what safety measures to take to minimize the risk as much as possible
- if running multiple accounts, how to make sure that in WORST CASE SCENARIO if one account is banned, other accounts are NOT affected

how to prevent your account from being flagged/perma-banned

  • adhere by the TikTok community guidelines (https://www.tiktok.com/community-guidelines?lang=en)
  • avoid performing spam actions
  • uncertain: avoid posting too many times a day (this one is highly debated in my opinion, there are accounts doing really well posting up to 10-20 times a day. Is it an issue of perceived quality? Is it an issue of non/-original content? I honestly don’t know at this point)
  • avoid posting too many times in a short time span

what safety measures to take to minimize the risk as much as possible

  • do not use multiple accounts per device
  • instead use one account PER device
  • uncertain: use separate VPNs/WiFi providers/Mobile Data PER device? (my assumption: this could add an extra layer of protection - the question isn’t ‘does TikTok scan internet data and IP for associated accounts’ but rather ‘what if it does and your hard work goes poof out of the window?’)


Original content = content you created yourself (this includes taking the concept of a popular video and recreating it yourself)

Non-original content = any content that you didn’t create yourself and reposted (including if you added overlays, edited and whatnot)

I have noticed many accounts gaining huge success reposting non-original content from other platforms, such as Instagram and YouTube. I will begin experimenting very soon with non-original content as well. Before I do, I want to understand how I can minimize potential downside.

These are my findings so far:

  • TikTok doesn’t come down heavily on non-original content repurposed from platforms such as Instagram or YouTube (or at least: not yet)

What I want to try and find out:

  • Does it make a difference if you screenrecord non-original content from platforms such as YouTube and Instagram versus download them and upload them manually?
  • Does it make a difference if you record the non-original content through the TikTok app?

Additional questions to find an answer to (at some point)

  • what are the ramifications of re-using non-original content from WITHIN the TikTok platform? (assumption: seems like a bold and unnecessary risky move in my opinion)

Please, I encourage you to share your experiences so I can update this list for other people as well.

If you think anything I mentioned is ‘false’, please correct me AND explain why you think it is false, preferably backing it up with the ‘correct’ answer.


Thanks for the stuff

I think also another interesting question it’s … tik tok show videos to your country first and than to other ones? in these case doese make sense produce content in English? (I mean if you don’t live in a country English based)

what country are you from?

Yes, for as far as I am aware, they first use your country (location) as your ‘target audience’. However, some findings have lead me to believe that if you start interacting with different groups on TikTok (e.g. start following different groups), the algorithm over time adjusts. I don’t know how accurate this is and/if this is still the case.

Some have also mentioned that the best way to get ‘in front of a specific nationality-based audience’ is by getting a local phone / SIM / data plan and create the account from there. I haven’t done this myself yet so I cannot tell for sure.

I live in Italy

@williamson thanks for the info, if I find something new I’ll let you know

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Let’s say there’s a phone on which you downloaded TikTok and logged into an account with.

Now, let’s say you want to use this device for a new account.

What steps do you think have to be taken for the device to be as ‘clean’ as possible?

(Obviously, all devices get the SIM-card removed and use VPNs, separate PlayStore/Google accounts, and so on)

Do you think a complete wipe of the device is required and if so, would that be sufficient?

Any feedback would be appreciated

(*edit: I’m asking to prevent the new account and the old account from being linked)