TIKTOK Big Video Issue

i use an emulator to upload same video on multiple account problem is i was getting lot of followack but no one was seeing my video i thought it was simply source problem but when i searched for other account on search bar i found that all of them have 0 video uploaded so i was the only one that was seeing the video lol
Is it a bug of TIKTOK or it is because i uploaded from an emulator ?

It’s a " We know what your doing" from Tiktok :wink:

Are you sure it’s because i uloaded from emulator bcs if it is why they let me follow all day long with the emu ?

I dont know.
Sounds like shadow ban

shadow ban ? i don’t know go to downdetector you will see many people report a problem of videoviews

Same here. I also assumed I am shadow banned. Last video I posted got basically 0 views. I viewed from another account so its 1.

Has anyone experience concerning reposted content. For example I used pexels videos edit them cut them to high format and change Metadata. Is this enough? Has anyone a clue how good their video recognition is?

Thankful for every advice.

but i think it’s not realted to repost same video i am sure it’s somethin else maybe they can lower rech for reposted video but not to the point of deleting it or not letting it appear in public

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do you mean that you searched the account and you found the video because me the problem is that the only account where i see the video is where the video was posted that’s the problem

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Maybe I just got a bad version. I use the app since 1 week and it’s just very bad. All the operations appear with a big delay. And also I don’t get all like notifications. The only way I can refresh is closing and restarting the app haha

Maybe it just became to big and crashed or something.

Thanks for the fast response.

Yes it’s there. I follow from another account and it also popped up in the “I follow” tab there.

The accounts are on different phones with different ip.

at least you see the video … me i don’t even see it from other account that’s wy i got 0 view

Hope they fix it as I am already slightly addicted :blush:

but you have no problem bcs you already see the video on other accounts ?

I have big problems. The last post is over 24h old. And nobody watches it.

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this is related to potential shadowban or bad hashtag choice also you have to add some hashtags like #foryou #fry the ‘for you’ is like the explore page on instagram

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to be fair all the people on forums who were telling tiktok is just an app that will disappear and will not be at the same level of instagram will change their mind when they will see how much people who started early make with tiktok in china the app have already biginfluencers people selling courses every stuff because their tiktok version is advanced one they have new stuff before other country just wait and see how many people will start creating threads about tiktok here, i am sure there are some people after all this issues of insta have started on tiktok hired a programmer to do private api for them and they are making many follow per day and driving traffic to sale pages,youtube,instagram… while other thin it’s not worth and that it’s a ‘kid app’ i think tiktok will be the first chinese socialmedia to rule the world and not only china

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You’re shadowbanned. 100% emulators don’t work not automated programs.
They work for a day or 2 then they get banned.

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thats what i thought too. but I wonder why. i dont use an emulator using real phones. And i did not try to automate or something. just simple organic posting. Hashtags i used are also not special #naturelover #mountains and smaller ones in german.

Thats why i first thought it’s due to the content because thats the only thing i could imagine.

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bro please explain this i am using an emulator where i created many account and uploaded 1 video but it shows ony to meand yesterday i uploaded a video again on emu but this time on aged account created on phone that has already 1video and this time everone was seeing it please explain what’s happening

Maybe you should edit the Videos. Just small changes can throw an auto detect off