TikTok Bio Hack to Increase Follower Conversion %

Let me break this down.

In my bio I have “dm me for a surprise”

You have to follow someone to message them on tiktok.

and when someone trys to dm me they get:
“Messages cannot be sent since this user isn’t following you”

So you never see any messages.

You could change it to a varitey of things depending on your niche
“Dm us for present”
“Dm me questions”
“Dm for free Ebook”

This is going to drastically improve your follower conversion rate obviously. But the question is, is this going affect your long term relationship with your followers?

Also note people might follow you then unfollow after they see they can’t message you. But this is sure to be a very low percentage of people


interesting, what kind of results r u having with this?


Been doing the same since you told me a few days ago. Seen an appreciable bump in follows.


just added something similar to mine

Working super well. Thanks man :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

very nice thanks btw do you upload your own videos or rip them from yt or other place

Thanks for this little tip, going to implement it across my 3 profiles and come back with results shortly.

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Yeah it works quite well for me!